Savanah Sinks Ships

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I'm Savanah,

Auotobiography: Once Upon a Time, Life hit a young girl square in the face. It knocked her off her feet. She had no choice but to stand up and fight the battles that she knew were hers. She eventually overcame the challenges, and stood victorious. She, however was left with large reminders of it all. A broken heart, mended by true love, a precious child, and all the strength in the world. She smiles at every passing day, knowing that it's an uphill road from here. Nothing short of perfection lies at her feet. Life was truly satisfying. Nothing could change that now. Although every night she continued to wish upon the stars. Not for herself, but for others, for her loved ones, for her dear son. She wishes for the same perfection and strength that she herself bears. This is my story, and I will continue to write it, exactly the way I wan't it.